Saturday, September 10, 2005


Lori and I went to a Cake concert put on by WFNX at Government center in Boston. There was a huge crowd in attendance as many of the area college students were in their first few weeks back in town. I have enjoyed listening to Cake for quite a few years, but had never seen them live. That was a real treat. They played a few songs from a bunch of different albums, including their newest one. The highlight of the song occurred during No Phone when they mentioned that ladies go first in almost every situation in our society, but that this time the men would go first. The reason that the men go first is because for thousands of years our male ancestors have been trying to communicate as little as possible, but that in the last ten years American women have forced their men to communicate with them at least every ten minutes. In recognition of this, Cake was allowing the men to go first in singing, "No phone, no phone I just want to be alone today" along with the band. That was followed by the ladies singing, "No phone, no phone?". Thanks to everyone who helped put on this great, free show!

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