Thursday, January 05, 2006

BCS Season

I am a little tired today after staying up after midnight for the past three nights watching some of the best college football of the season in the four BCS bowls. Each of the four games, Notre Dame vs. Ohio State, West Virginia vs. Georgia, Pen State vs. Florida State, and the Southern California vs. Texas provided excellent competition. The players really left everything that they had on the field.

I was a little disappointed with Notre Dame’s play against OSU. On offense the team did not really seem to be in synch with many dropped passes and way too little protection for the quarterback. Our defensive line was unable to get any pressure on OSU’s quarterback and the lack of blitzing meant that Troy Smith and his receivers had plenty of time to pick apart our secondary. On the positive side, Darius Walker had a number of great runs and showed that he can be a huge threat when he is healthy.

On the other hand, I was not disappointed at all with last night’s Rose Bowl. Texas and USC put on a great competition for the National Championship. I was impressed with Vince Young’s ability to make some tough passes, but was even more impressed with the way he seemed to effortlessly gain yards when scrambling away from USC’s defense. These teams were so evenly matched, and had both had such success during the regular season that there can be no doubt that these two teams were the best in the nation. Congratulations to Texas for their victory!

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