Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Editor's Note

I just added a slide show of my Picasa Web Albums in the sidebar. Thanks to Phydeaux3 for creating it. The only upgrade that I would like to see in this widget or probably in PWA is to allow for a single RSS feed that can randomly select any photo that I have posted on PWA. Nonetheless, what I have now is pretty cool.

Phydeaux3 also has a pretty cool label cloud that I am going to implement as soon as Google Pages starts working again.

I also added a couple of Google AdSense ads to see how that works. I am not planning on making much money, but it will be cool to see how it works out.


Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, why is it that you do not include a link on your blog to your wife's blog? I think that girl is SMART!!!

phydeaux3 said...

Update on the Picasa widget you installed. Unfortunately, Picasa Web Albums did an update and changed things on their end, so the widget no longer works as it should. The images display fine, but if you click it instead of going to the correct album/photo it leads to an ugly feed url. I've fixed the widget maker to work with the new setup (and I don't think they'll change it again, as they have no documented their API), but to have it continue to work as it did before you'll have to delete, remake, reinstall it. Sorry. The updates are noted in my post.