Friday, May 18, 2007

Becoming Catholic

David Howard shares some interesting commentary in the Wall Street Journal's Taste page on the recent conversion of Francis Beckwith form Evangelical Christianity to Catholicism. It is nice to see that Howard, who remains an Evangelical, has acknowledge "that we nevertheless have much in common as fellow Christians."

To me, the interesting dynamic between Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity is that Catholics view Evangelicals as wayward members of the Christian flock, while many Evangelicals view Catholics as a separate non-Christian religion. Hopefully this new development will help to heal the wounds of division in God's Church.

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Contarini said...

A couple of weeks ago I would have said: "Pish-tosh! Almost no thoughtful, educated evangelicals still think that Catholicism is 'a separate non-Christian religion.'" Alas, the response to Beckwith's return to Catholicism has demonstrated how powerful this attitude still is.