Friday, March 03, 2006

Roundup of Regular Reading

So here is a brief list of blogs and articles that I read on a fairly regular basis. Check them out and please let me know if I am missing something that I might really enjoy!

I read the Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish in its entirety every day. I appreciate Andrew’s writing because of our shared classical liberal/libertarian worldview and our shared Catholic religious background (although Andrew’s current relationship with the Church tends to be in flux). The writing really challenges my thinking because Andrew is a real intellectual while I am a wanta-be intellectual and because of the very different experiences that he has had as a gay man.

The first blog that I started reading and one that I still read almost every day is James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today (the blog has a different url every day and is usually updated around 3:00). Taranto usually has a good roundup of the top political news stories of the day from the viewpoint of a conservative editorial page writer. The site makes regular digs against lazy journalists and overly politically correct behaviors. Sometimes there is a bit of an inside baseball view of journalism, but this is made up for by Taranto’s wit.

Ever since the week that Dan Savage guest blogged for Andrew Sullivan last summer, I have regularly read Dan’s Savage Love advice column. In fact I spent hours reading most of the archives that are available! I don’t know which rock I must have been under for the past decade, but now that I know about it I find the column one of the most entertaining things that I read each week. Dan’s often irreverent responses to the wide range of sexual and relationship questions is must read material.

In the same vein, just yesterday I came across Clue Chick which is a blog written by an anonymous chick who is into picking up dudes online for no strings attached sex. I have never been into this scene myself or known anyone who was so it is really interesting to read about some of the finer point of this lifestyle.

On the Sports side, my friend Pat and some other guys write The Blue-Gray Sky, which is probably the most in depth blog commentary on Notre Dame Football. For those unfamiliar with Notre Dame Football, the title of this blog is a reference to Grantland Rice’s “The Four Horsemen”, an article that led to the creation of one of the most famous sports pictures. The first sentence of the article is, “Outlined against a blue-gray October sky, the Four Horsemen rode again.” Pat and friends do a great job of analyzing the Notre Dame’s games, opponents, recruiting, coaching, polls, and much more. Recently some members of the group also started a site focusing on Notre Dame Basketball called The Fieldhouse, which is a reference to the first building where Notre Dame’s basketball team played. Like most Notre Dame fans, I am not a big a fan of basketball as football, but I bleed gold and blue no matter what the sport. The great thing about both sites is that for years, I have used Pat as my information gathering system on Irish sports, but now everyone has the same access.

Finally, I always try to read Dobber’s World and Neoperspectives by my friends Dobber and Travis, respectively. Dobber and Travis are big-time libertarians and constantly inform their readers about the doings of the mafia-government. Of course Dobber is actually a military officer for that mafia-government, but I guess that is beside the point…

What am I missing? Please drop me a line in the comments section if there is a great blog out there that I should start reading.


ClueChick said...

Thanks for the nod!

DOBBER said...

also thanks for the nod. bangert i been travelling a plenty lately and not been able to be online all that much lately but big ups for all the writing you been doing over the last couple weeks and i will definitely delve into all of it at my earliest convenience and also just wanted to say i swore allegiance to the constitution of the united states when i took the oath of office to receive my commission with the air force...not the current "mafia" (LOL) government that nearly every day moves money and signs laws that are questionably constitutional