Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Skiing: Days 10 and 11

As I rode the lift at Killington on Sunday, I realized that I should have blogged this entire ski season so that I would have a record of fun.  Well I am starting now better late than never…

I skied Saturday and Sunday at Killington in Vermont.  This was my third trip to Killington of the year, and contrary to my expectations it was the most fun.  Saturday was pretty rough with cold weather and lots of ice, frozen after a week of 60-degree weather.  On Sunday, however, the resort had great conditions after about 4 inches of snow on Saturday night.  I spent the morning lapping the mogul run Outer Limits.  They were making snow the entire day so the bumps stayed soft, although some parts got a little icy due to the number of people who had the same idea that I had.  

In the afternoon I took a couple of runs with my family on the greens that my mom likes and then on a couple of blues for my dad before returning to Outer Limits for the low point of the day.  That occurred at about 3:15 when I decided to take a couple of last runs for the day.  I bombed down about 85% of the hill before I had a spectacular crash.  I tweaked my MCL a little bit (ok a lot) and that pretty much ended my day and maybe my season.  

So, unless I am able to squeeze in another day on the slopes before the snow goes away, I am looking at 11 days of skiing this year: 5 at Whistler; 4 at Killington, and 2 at Stowe.  I also had two days of snowboarding at Jay Peak, which is a great resort that I am defiantly going to return to next year.  

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